Lesson Line-up

Online・Business Trip・ Attending Juku Schools・ Supporting Study Abroad.

Use the original chart record devised independently.

How are eating, sleeping, and playing arranged? How is the rhythm of basic lifestyle habits? Who is the central figure in raising children? Who will arrange the program according to the individual environment?

A variety of course to suit your needs and situation.

There are many different types of adults involved in educating children. We have prepared courses that are useful not only for parents, but also for grandparents who support them, people living overseas and future parents.

Comprehensive consultation from the environment to educational expenses.

Creating a suitable environment for raising children is a very important point. Our strengths are our comprehensive ability to provide professional advice not only on education but also everything related to housing and money.

Company Guide

Due to educational reform, Japan has changed from the traditional education system that focuses on final academic qualifications and teaches only knowledge to a form in which students tackle their own issues.
We are now in era where education aimed at “recognizing one’s own emotions” “controlling one’s own emotions” “willingness to move oneself” “understanding and empathizing with one’s surroundings” and “acquiring social skills have become mainstream. This education is exactly what Maria Montessori practiced 100 years ago.

In order to make the most of education, it is essential for us adults to understand the correct developmental issues in infancy.
Aiming for a sustainable society, we provide one–on-one support for children and adults to enjoy learning through the environment.


Born in 1966. In 1996, worked for many years as an entrance examination teacher for kindergartens and elementary schools. Experiencing my two children’s entrance examinations of kindergarten and elementary school, have them graduated from a national and a private elementary school.
Later moved to the real estate industry. A total of 11 years of experience in major real estate consulting sales, major house builder sales and major corporate real estate rental leasing.
While studying children’s living environment, I met “Montessori Education” and acquired a Montessori teacher qualification.
In 2022, short-term study abroad in Finland, finished business course of LUT University Summer School and Practical Introduction to Social Sustainability Couse of Åbo Akademi University Summer School. Contribute to new educational consultants for sustainable school projects.

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